The quality, environmental, health and safety policy of ZÁÉV

The primary aim of ZÁÉV is to continuously and fully satisfy our customers' needs, the expectations of other involved parties and the legal, official and other requirements by eliminating harmful environmental hazards and preventing accidents and health damages at our sites.

ZÁÉV introduced a quality management system under BS EN ISO 9002:1994 in January 1996, and currently, after continuous enhancement of the system, an Integrated Organization Management System is in place at our company that is in compliance with standards BS EN ISO 9001:2015, AQAP 2110:2016, BS EN ISO 14001:2015, and BS EN ISO 45001:2018.

In order to achieve the above-stated aims,

  • All our workers assume responsibility for the efficient operation and further development of the Integrated Organization Management System, for acting with a focus on quality, the environment and safety, for responsible operations and for providing the best performance accordingly.
  • Our risks and opportunities are determined in proportion to our activities.
  • We employ well qualified and skilled people for all our activities, who identify themselves with the policy of our Organization Management System and we also make sure that they participate in regular training courses.
  • We duly observe the requirements of general, environmental, health and safety regulations, the specifications defined by standards and our organization and we regularly review conformance.
  • It is highly important for us to have a good relationship and close cooperation with our partners and the authorities.
  • We pay attention to safeguarding the environment and people, and are aiming for running the lowest risk possible and preventing injuries, health damages and prevent environmental pollutions and accidents.
  • We get our employees to know the results of the risk assessments on their specific jobs and activities as well as the rules for safe work not endangering the environment.
  • We take into account the views of employees and their representatives, for which we conduct survey and provide consultation opportunity.
  • It is our task to gradually improve our specific materials and energy consumption, to ensure the opportunities for recycling, to reduce the amount of hazardous waste.
  • We expect and require from all our contractors involved in our activities to comply with the quality, environmental, health and safety regulations as well as the procedures and specifications serving them.
  • Our Company complies with and enforces the necessary rules related to the power-plant also as well as the Nuclear Safety Rules and Directoins.
  • We ensure compliance with the aims stated in our policy by means of our quality, environmental, health and safety objectives, targets and programs in order to guarantee permanent sustainability.
  • As a dual training place, we undertake, in cooperation with the vocational school, the quality practical education of future construction students.
  • Our policy is to ensure the availability of all interested parties.

Our company is committed to realizing the aims stated in our policy, maintaining our Integrated Organization Management System and continuous development.

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